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This website is produced in conjunction with the exhibition People on the Move: Beauty and Struggle in Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series, organized by The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, and The Museum of Modern, New York, in collaboration with the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. The exhibition at the Phillips, presented from October 8, 2016 ,to January 8, 2017, was curated by Elsa Smithgall.


Major support is provided by Judy and Leo Zickler Family Foundation, and the Henry Luce Foundation

Generous funding is provided by A. Fenner Milton and Bo and Kymber Menkiti of the Menkiti Group

Additional support is provided by Harvey Ross, Patricia Mathews, and a community of online supporters.


The Phillips Collection Website Team: 


Elsa Smithgall, Curator and Project Director

Liza Strelka, Exhibition Manager


Information Technology:

Darci Vanderhoff, Chief Information Officer

Robert Falconer, Web Master Designs, LLC



Amanda Hunter, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Vivian Djen, Head of Editorial and Design Services

Amy Wike, Head of Marketing and Partnerships

Rhiannon Newman, Membership Communications Assistant



Esther Probst, Videographer


Design and Development: