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Curated Responses

What shapes our modern migration narrative? 

The Phillips Collection has invited artists to share a work that builds on Jacob Lawrence's visual narrative while illuminating the rich tapestry of the migration experience. Check back for additional works to be unveiled in this dynamic curated selection.

  • Lou Stovall
  • Joseph Holston, Facing the Future
  • Kerry James Marshall, Great America
  • Jinny Yu, Don't They Ever Stop Migrating
  • Ahlam Shibli, untitled (Arab al-Sbaih no. 29), Jordan
  • Glenn Ligon, Rückenfigur
  • Allan deSouza, No Entry
  • Betye Saar, Migration: Africa to America I
  • Betye Saar, Migration: Africa to America II
  • More
    Coming Soon