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Chicago, Indiana - July 15, 1917

Chicago, Indiana

DR. —-,

Union Springs, Ala.

My dear Pastor: I find it my Duty to write you my whereabouts also family, I am glad to say Family and myself are enjoying fine health. wish the same of you and your dear wife. Well I can say the people in my section are very much torn up about East St. Louis. Representive col men of Chicago was in conference with Governor he promise them that he would begin investigation at once tell Sister Hayes my wife Says She will write her in a few days. Dear Pastor I shall send my church some money in a few days. I am trying to influence our members here to do the same. I recd. notice printed in a R. R. car (Get straight with God) O I had nothing so striking to me as the above mottoe. Let me know how is our church I am to anxious to no. My wife always talking about her seat in the church want to know who accupying it.

Yours in Christ.


Library of Congress, Manuscripts Archives, National Urban League Collection, Box I.F86, Migrant Letters

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